St. Paul’s Social Services

New Directions 2014 – 2017

St. Paul’s Social Services, which includes The Daily Bread Food Bank and The Fellowship Centre, is a registered charity which responds to London and area residents who are in need of emergency food access and other support services.

St. Paul’s Social Services provides food and other support to local people who are living in poverty and in need through the following programs:

The Daily Bread Food Bank – a 3 day emergency supply of food

The Fellowship Centre – hot lunch program

Christmas Share – gift card support for seasonal food and small gifts


St. Paul’s Social Services Mission Statement

We believe that all people are made in the image of God and, as such, we shall strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being with whom we come in contact, and we undertake to provide standards of services that recognize such belief.

St. Paul’s Social Services is committed to providing these supports through participant-centred service that is based on four key organizational values of respect, kindness, community and generousity. Its services are provided in large part by caring and committed volunteers.

In addition, it is the belief of St. Paul’s Social Services that:

  • It is important for people who are past, present or potential future program recipients to have the opportunity to participate in both program delivery and at every level of organizational planning; and
  • Community organizations that respond to food access issues should use some of their resources to work with clients’ need to move out of poverty; and
  • Because there is a greater need for emergency food access in London and area than our community organizations can respond to, we are committed to assisting those we can, within existing resources.

These values, beliefs and our mission form the foundation for St. Paul’s Social Services three strategic directions. 


St. Paul’s Social Services:  Three Year Strategic Directions

1)    FOOD ACCESS: Improved Food Quality and Food as Community

  • Every effort will be made to ensure that the provision of food from all programs within St. Paul’s Social Services meets Canada’s Food Guide requirements and Health Canada’s Food and Nutrition Guidelines.  This includes daily offerings of produce at the Daily Bread Food Bank, and daily servings of fruit and/or vegetables at The Fellowship Centre.
  • In an effort to increase SPSS’s ability to respond effectively to the needs of people who use our programs, effort will be made to gather detailed, anonymous data from 50 – 75  “regular” participants who use the Fellowship Centre.
  • To allow for improved food quality and ability to use our space for the development of “community”, The Fellowship Centre will phase in a daily program limit that would adjust the number of participants and support our participants’ experience of community by providing food through partial table service.  New Fellowship Centre programming, based on client inquiry.

2)    FOOD SKILLS: Increased Knowledge and Skill Related to Healthy Food Consumption

  • A community garden program for people who use St. Paul’s Social Services.  End-of- season food skills sessions using foods from the garden harvest.
  • Provide food preparation demonstrations that include participation, 6 - 12 times per year with the support of a dietitian or other qualified individual.  Demonstrations will work with basic foods (e.g.  grains, legumes). These foods will be available at the Daily Bread Food Bank. 

3)    ADVOCACY AND REFERRAL:  supporting participants in accessing community services

  • A newly created volunteer/staff position will be present daily at St. Paul’s Social Services to provide: listening, advice, support, referral and where required advocacy on a participant’s behalf.

Where opportunities exist, St. Paul’s Social Services staff and/or volunteers will dedicate limited time for advocating to reduce poverty through existing mechanisms.

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